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Panamá is a major province of the country of Panama, containing the capital city, Panama City. The governor of the province is Mayin Correa, a former mayor of Panama City and elected by President Martinelli after being sworn in on July 1, 2009. Read more about Panamá.

Campana National Park

logo-anam-thumbAltos de Campana National Park is the first national park created in the Republic of Panama in 1966 with an area of 4,925 hectares. It is located on the western side of the Panama Canal as part of its watershed near the shores of Chame and its' floodplains. The protected area rises from 400 meters above sea level at its lowest point to Campana peak some 850 meters above sea level. This privileged vantage point boast not only spectacular views of the canal watershed but also an extraordinary panorama of the Bay of Chame, with its impressive mangroves that cover the mouth of the Chame river.

Read more: Campana National Park

El Cangrejo Marquis Tower

Captured on a recent apartment viewing of the building Marquis Tower in El Cangrejo - built by Procasa in 2008. The view is representative of the 20th floors of the A and B units, which have a view of the Panama City skyline, and partial views of the bay of Panama. The C and D units face the street and have views of the mountains and Balboa Ports. Marquis Tower is located on Eusebio Morales street, the same street as Hotel Milan, Torres de Alba Suites, Hotel Las Vegas, Martin Fierro steakhouse, and Machu Picchu peruvian restaurant, among others. The units in Marquis Tower have 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, and receive very good natural light. The building has a pool, gym, party room, visitor parking, and 4 commercial spaces with different shops.

Albrook Roadside

Captured late afternoon from the roadside in Albrook on Calle La Amistad. Provides a 360 view of the area once occupied by the US and currently referred to as "Area Revertida" or reverted areas - making note to areas once belonging to US and returned to Panama. The typical homes in Albrook are 2 story, duplexes, concrete structures with garage. The area has more green areas than other parts of the city and has a very "tropical panama" feel. Many have noted that this neighborhood is how they imagined Panama to be, and were often surprised by the modern city skyscrapers upon their arrival. Notable landmarks in the area include: Marcos Gelabert Airport (domestic flights), Cerro Ancon, and Albrook Mall, to name a few.

Bella Vista Hotel Costa Inn

Captured at sunset from the rooftop of the Hotel Costa Inn in Bella Vista located on Avenida Perú and Calle 39. A quaint hotel, I have a good friend who swears by this hotel and today we enjoyed a nice sunset from the rooftop pool. The view from the rooftop of this $70.00 (March 2008) a night hotel is something special. You have a full 360 degree view of the city including: avenida balboa, the bay of Panama, Cerro Ancon, the Balboa Ports, Hospital Nacional (a great hospital which saved a friends life a few years back), and the Causway at Amador, just to name a few. The Marriott and Miramar Intercontinental Hotel crowd would most likely not be impressed with the rooms in this hotel, but I think the views from the rooftop offer the traveller on a budget a clean, safe, and friendly alternative.

Hotel Costa Inn
Avenida Peru and Calle 39
T. 227-1522

Hotel Costa Inn

San Francisco Faros del Sur

Captured at about 2pm this afternoon, this video is from the rooftop of Faros del Sur in Coco del Mar, San Francisco. The building was built about 12 years ago by renowned architects Cambefort and Bosa, and is characterized by a unique design with red, white, blue, yellow paint.

After making my way up to the top floor in search of the social area, I found a slim staircase going up to the top of the elevator shaft. After climbing up and bracing myself, I was impressed with this special view of the the city and of the construction going on in the area. The views are sweeping with the Corredor Sur in the distance, the Atlapa Convention center, 2 new buildings: Davinci and  Cabomarzo (under construction), and some older homes which I am sure will one day be tall buildings further altering the skyline.

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