Destination Veraguas Province Travel Blog in the Republic of Panama

Veraguas is a province  of Panama, located in the centre-west of the country. The capital is the city of Santiago de Veraguas. The province covers 10,677.2 km². Veraguas was explored by Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage. He tried to establish the first colony in the new Spanish mainland but failed due to attacks from native Indians. Read more about Veraguas.

Hotel Sol y Mar

Hotel Sol y Mar Logo

Hotel Sol y Mar was a pleasant surprise on our trip to Santa Catalina in the province of Veraguas. We had booked another hotel which were told was not recommended although it was in the Lonely Planet guidebook. The rooms were nicely done, clean, and decorated with 2 twin beds with semi-orthopedic matresses, closet, living room area with Sky satelite tv/dvd , mini-fridge, and 2 sofas.

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Road to Sona

The first video in a new series: "Destinations". These photos were captured in September 2009 while en-route to Sona in Veraguas traveling in a Suzuki Vitara (4x4), and are presented to document the road conditions and popular sites. Traveling from Santiago, the capital city of Veraguas, the trip took approximately 45 minutes. The road is under construction and in various phases of improvement with several bridges being built to facilitate travel. Surfers are familiar with this road as it leads to one of Panama's best surf spots: Santa Catalina. Santa Catalina is one of the popular port cities where travel to Coiba Island National Park, the largest island in Central America, is possible.