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Isla Cañas National Park

Isla de Cañas is located in the Province of Los Santos in the District of Tonosí on a beach 13 kilometers long. Considered one of the most important nesting sites for sea turtles (species Lapidochelis Olivacea) in the Pacific of Panama. The National Park refugee also protects an important habitat of mangrove ecosystems of different marine species. Near the refuge is a picturesque fishing village which together with the staff of the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) protect and manage the thousands of turtles that arrive on its shores each year.


A small, thin, balmy green island running parallel to the southernmost coast in Panama (the Azuero peninsula), Isla Canas is a gorgeous, islolated paradise: A headache to get to, but very worth it [editors note: the road situation has improved since the time of this article]. Its primary claim to tourist fame is its vast stretch of golden beach that doubles as sea-turtle nesting grounds in September and October. During the peak of the season, there are hundreds of enormous turtles and thousands of eggs, enough so that the local people collect them to eat and to sell (although now, thanks to the island's status as a national wildlife refuge, there are regulations that limit the numbers). With crimson crabs crawling among the roots of the mangroves and along the beach; large, frothy palms heavy with coconuts; bananas on the trees and, depending on the season, watermelons in the fields; long, warm waves curling up on the sand -- the fatigue of the journey will wear off soon enough. Source: Vcarious

Getting There

By Air: (depart from the domestic airport Marcos Gelabert in Albrook), arrive in 35 minutes to the city of Chitre, Province of Herrera.

By Vehicle: Drive from Panama City via the Pan American Highway to the City of Chitre in four hours, then to the City of Las Tablas in Los Santos and then the town of Cañas in Tonosí in approximately two hours. After arriving at the town of Cañas is necessary to move to a small jetty and take a boat that will take 10 minutes to pass through a mangrove channel to the picturesque village of Isla de Cañas.

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