Decameron Conditions Investment in Colon

02/28/2013 – Decameron Group is waiting to start the construction of the road between Cuango and Santa Isabel, in the province of Colón, to give green light for hotel project on the Atlantic coast.

The 320-room hotel would be located in Punta Cocoye, in the town of Santa Isabel and represent an investment of 50 million dollars in the first phase. Jorge Loaiza, adviser to the president of Royal Decameron, said that once work begins on the road, the company will start the construction of the complex to be developed on a parcel of land of 400 acres.


1876896Yesterday the Budget Committee of the National Assembly approved a transfer starting for 1.5 million dollars in favor of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), to conduct studies of the road which will connect 30 miles overland to Santa Isabel with the rest of the country. Currently to get to Santa Isabel have to take a boat in Cuango.

Solomon Shamah, administrator of the ATP, said the project will not only benefit Decameron, they will develop other tourist areas on the Atlantic coast.

He said that within the Tourism Master Plan 2007-2020 include infrastructure projects on the coast up to promote the tourist attractions of the place.

The project will be awarded by tender and the winning company will be responsible for the design and construction of the road.

In studies that prepare the contractor will define what the route of the road.

"The Decameron hotel will be one of the first investments to be made in the area, and hope you have the same effect it had on the Pacific", the official said.

Source: La Prensa

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