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Scouting for real estate almost always takes us to interesting places. Join us along our travels as we present our panamanian destinations blog showcasing our travels throughout the Republic of Panama.

San Blas Carnival 2008

This carnival (2008), I was able to visit San Blas with some friends. We left from Albrook Airport (Marcos A. Gelbert) and arrived in El Porvenir about 40 minutes later. On the way back from El Porvenir, we stopped at Corazon de Jesus which neighbors Nargana, and are said to be the most modern islands in Kuna Yala.

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Colon Nombre de Dios Bay

This video was shot on a recent visit to Nombre de Dios, Colon. The video is of the bay of Nombre de Dios, and was taken early in the morning. As you can see, the morning was a bit overcast but the sun did finally show itself later on in the day. Nombre de Dios is about a 2.5 hour drive from Panama City, and is a sleepy fishing town located on the Atlantic Coast of Panama. With the construction of the Corredor Norte currently underway, the drive time should drop considerably. 

Isla Cañas National Park

Isla de Cañas is located in the Province of Los Santos in the District of Tonosí on a beach 13 kilometers long. Considered one of the most important nesting sites for sea turtles (species Lapidochelis Olivacea) in the Pacific of Panama. The National Park refugee also protects an important habitat of mangrove ecosystems of different marine species. Near the refuge is a picturesque fishing village which together with the staff of the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) protect and manage the thousands of turtles that arrive on its shores each year.

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Located in the province of Los Santos, approximately 1km before entering into the town of Pedasi, you will find the town of Pocri.

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Campana National Park

logo-anam-thumbAltos de Campana National Park is the first national park created in the Republic of Panama in 1966 with an area of 4,925 hectares. It is located on the western side of the Panama Canal as part of its watershed near the shores of Chame and its' floodplains. The protected area rises from 400 meters above sea level at its lowest point to Campana peak some 850 meters above sea level. This privileged vantage point boast not only spectacular views of the canal watershed but also an extraordinary panorama of the Bay of Chame, with its impressive mangroves that cover the mouth of the Chame river.

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