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Escultismo para bienes raíces casi siempre nos lleva a lugares interesantes. Únase a nosotros a lo largo de nuestros viajes al presentar nuestros destinos panameños Blog mostrando nuestros viajes por la República de Panamá.

El Cangrejo Via Veneto

Captured mid-morning on Via Veneto in El Cangrejo. Making a right turn at the MacDonalds on Via España, you turn onto Via Veneto which is a commercial 2 way street. Many shops are located on Via Veneto including Manolo's Restaurant, The Veneto Casino at Windham Grand Hotel, the development offices of Bala Beach, Torres de Alba Aparti-Hotel, Restaurante Pomodoro, and Restaurante Wine Bar to name a few. In addition to being the back entrance to the Hotel El Panama, this street has it's fare share of "red light" traffic as well as many jewelry and electronic shops.

The Crown Plaza

Captured in front of the Crown Plaza hotel built by Herman Bern on Avenida Manuel Espinosa. Located one block from Via España, the El Carmen church, and close to the University of Panama, this 2 lane street is one of the more narrow 2 lanes you will find in Panama City. Even on scooter, it's tough navigating through mid day traffic.

Clayton Ciudad del Saber

Video taken from the entrance to Ciudad de Saber (City of Knowledge) where many international organizations have their regional headquarters. USAID, COPA, Spanish Embassy, are just a few. Clayton is located in the reverted areas (areas revertidas) which were once considered the Panama Canal Zone. Running along side the road you will note the Miraflores Locks (background) and the railway for the Panama Canal Railway Company which takes commuters and containers to the Atlantic ports in the city of Colon.

Obarrio Torre Generali

A view of the city from Torre Generali in Obarrio. This video was taken from about the 25th floor, and sweeps towards San Francisco, Costa Del Este, Panama View, and the bay of Panama.


The Clayton Hostal

The Clayton Hostal (Hostal de Clayton), is a cozy hostal located on a side street within Clayton and near the old US embassy. Also nearby is the Ciudad de Saber (City of Knowledge) where many international organizations have their headquarters.


Diablo Boat Dock

The diablo boat dock is one of the nicer places to spend an afternoon and catch a sunset. On this day, there were several kayak teams practicing for the ocean to ocean race. It is also a great vantage point to catch boats transiting through the Panama Canal from the Miraflores locks. Once crossing the railroad tracks located in front of the Albrook El Rey supermarket, you head all the way until the street ends.


Hotel Sol y Mar

Hotel Sol y Mar Logo

Hotel Sol y Mar was a pleasant surprise on our trip to Santa Catalina in the province of Veraguas. We had booked another hotel which were told was not recommended although it was in the Lonely Planet guidebook. The rooms were nicely done, clean, and decorated with 2 twin beds with semi-orthopedic matresses, closet, living room area with Sky satelite tv/dvd , mini-fridge, and 2 sofas.

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Road to Sona

The first video in a new series: "Destinations". These photos were captured in September 2009 while en-route to Sona in Veraguas traveling in a Suzuki Vitara (4x4), and are presented to document the road conditions and popular sites. Traveling from Santiago, the capital city of Veraguas, the trip took approximately 45 minutes. The road is under construction and in various phases of improvement with several bridges being built to facilitate travel. Surfers are familiar with this road as it leads to one of Panama's best surf spots: Santa Catalina. Santa Catalina is one of the popular port cities where travel to Coiba Island National Park, the largest island in Central America, is possible.