General Information About the Republic of Panama and Provinces

Panama City (Spanish: Ciudad de Panamá), population 708,738, with a total metro population of 1,063,000 is the capital of Panama, located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, at 8°58N, 79°32W. Panama City is the political, administrative and cultural center of the country. Juan Carlos Navarro is the current mayor of the city. Recently, Panama City has become one of the most important financial centers in Central America, with more than 104 banks, and has become a hub for high-rise buildings (eight of the ten tallest skyscrapers in Latin America are either in Panama City or in the process of being built). The city enjoys five large multilevel malls and many five-star hotels. Source: Wikipedia

Panamá Province

Panama Province Map

Panamá Province

Panamá is a major province of the country of Panama, containing the capital city, Panama City. The governor of the province is Mayin Correa, a former mayor of Panama City and elected by President Martinelli after being sworn in on July 1, 2009.

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