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Panama City Beyond the Myth

Panama City: beyond the myth

Boomers, your attention, please!  Panama offers a real estate's ball and you are its special guests. The dreams factory is very busy organizing the feast, counting on you to populate the numerous waterfront resorts and towering condominiums aiming to the clouds.

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The Panama Canal 101

Panama Canal

Panama Canal Was Completed in 1914: The 48 mile-long (77 km) international waterway known as the Panama Canal allows ships to pass between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, saving about 8000 miles (12,875 km) from a journey around the southern tip of South America, Cape Horn.

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From Sea to Sea in the Panama Canal

From Sea to Sea in the Panama Canal

It's just after dawn on a hot, humid October morning on the outskirts of Panama City on the southern tip of North America. We step from a small pilot boat onto a gangway three floors high. Three Panama Canal pilots and our ABC crew clamber up the steep steps to deck of the container ship Feihe, where we are signed in and welcomed aboard.

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My kind of town

Panama City: My Kind of Town.

Historian Matthew Parker appreciates a city that looks out as well as back.

Why Panama City?

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Panama City See it Now

Panama City: See It Now

It was sticky hot, and I was grungy after a morning exploring the cobblestone passageways of Panama City's Casco Viejo, a 300-year-old cross between the crumbling charm of Old Havana and the restored glow of New Orleans' French Quarter.

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