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Destino Colón Blog de Viaje en la República de Panamá

San Blas Carnival 2008

This carnival (2008), I was able to visit San Blas with some friends. We left from Albrook Airport (Marcos A. Gelbert) and arrived in El Porvenir about 40 minutes later. On the way back from El Porvenir, we stopped at Corazon de Jesus which neighbors Nargana, and are said to be the most modern islands in Kuna Yala.

San Blas Aerial Views: 41 Photos

Isla Corbisky Hostal: 11 Photos

El Porvenir Aerial Photos: 18 Photos

Isla del Diablo (Devil's Island): 3 Photos

Isla Perro (Dog Island) Photos: 9 Photos

Wailidub Island: 38 Photos


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