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Isla Grande Bananas Resort

Captured around lunchtime while staying in Bananas Resort, located on Isla Grande in Colon. Isla Grande is a popular caribbean vacation/second home area for upper middle class panamanians. The Bananas Resort is located on the open ocean side of Isla Grande, a short boat ride from main land in La Guaira, a sleepy fishing village. Bananas has its own parking area on the mainland and shuttles guests back and forth over the relatively calm waters via small 15hp wooden boats. Bananas resort is arguably the best hotel within a 2 hours distance this side of Panama, second only to Coral Lodge further along the coast towards San Blas. If traveling on a budget, be sure to inquire about the European Plan, otherwise the American Plan will do. A little known fact is that Bananas Resort is built and operates on possessory rights property, and not titled property as some might think. A revelation to some who wish to own and operate a beachfront business while paying no property taxes...whodda thunk it.

Bananas Resort

isla grande bananas map

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