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San Francisco Faros del Sur

Captured at about 2pm this afternoon, this video is from the rooftop of Faros del Sur in Coco del Mar, San Francisco. The building was built about 12 years ago by renowned architects Cambefort and Bosa, and is characterized by a unique design with red, white, blue, yellow paint.

After making my way up to the top floor in search of the social area, I found a slim staircase going up to the top of the elevator shaft. After climbing up and bracing myself, I was impressed with this special view of the the city and of the construction going on in the area. The views are sweeping with the Corredor Sur in the distance, the Atlapa Convention center, 2 new buildings: Davinci and  Cabomarzo (under construction), and some older homes which I am sure will one day be tall buildings further altering the skyline.

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