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Bella Vista Hotel Costa Inn

Captured at sunset from the rooftop of the Hotel Costa Inn in Bella Vista located on Avenida Perú and Calle 39. A quaint hotel, I have a good friend who swears by this hotel and today we enjoyed a nice sunset from the rooftop pool. The view from the rooftop of this $70.00 (March 2008) a night hotel is something special. You have a full 360 degree view of the city including: avenida balboa, the bay of Panama, Cerro Ancon, the Balboa Ports, Hospital Nacional (a great hospital which saved a friends life a few years back), and the Causway at Amador, just to name a few. The Marriott and Miramar Intercontinental Hotel crowd would most likely not be impressed with the rooms in this hotel, but I think the views from the rooftop offer the traveller on a budget a clean, safe, and friendly alternative.

Hotel Costa Inn
Avenida Peru and Calle 39
T. 227-1522

Hotel Costa Inn

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